Thermax Range

Heated, refrigerated and insulated food carriers.

The Melform range of food carriers is the best tool to ensure compliance with Food Safety regulations when transporting hot, chilled or frozen food.

Manufactured in Italy under the strictest specifications of thermal temperature dispersion, the containers are produced with rotational moulding, with no joints or seams, ensuring no sharp edges or dirt traps.

Insulated Food Carriers, trolleys and accessories

Full range of top, front and side loading insulated containers, liquid carriers, moulded trolleys and accessories, including eutectic plates.

Versatile, available in various Gastronorm sizes, stackable, long lasting.

Polyethylene double walled moulding with polyurethane insulation.

Containers - Trolleys - Accessories


ACTIVE FOOD CARRIERS are designed to uniformly and progressively distribute the heat inside the container: preventing local overheating, overcooking or dehydration of foods and preserving nutritional properties.

Designed to ensure compliance with food safety regulations when transporting for longer periods or during multi-drop operations such as Meals On Wheels or similar.



MIX AND MATCH insulated and heated food carriers

Maximum flexibility of use: the removable locking kit allows to assemble two stacked containers and securely fasten them to the dolly. As the two containers are separate and perfectly insulated, it is possible to simultaneously carry hot, chilled and frozen meals in the same cart.

You will find dollies and accessories under each product on the Melform website.


KOALA LINE mobile refrigerators are designed for the storage and transport of chilled products and pharmaceuticals particularly sensitive to temperatures and materials for which an accurate temperature control is needed.

ATP certified for the transport of perishable goods by road, Melform mobile refrigerators are available in a wide range of versions with front and top opening, with castors or feet and equipped with dedicated accessories.

Capacities from 20 litres to 1300 litres.



Insulated containers for handling, storage and dry ice transport

DrIcy insulated containers have been specially designed and manufactured for the preservation of the cold chain with dry ice.

DrIcy boxes have been designed to offer extremely high insulation performance. Three different sizes and capacities to meet the real needs of transporters: the containers are handy, stackable and easy to load and unload.

Capacities from 150 litres to 540 litres.


Insulated containers for handling, storage and delivery of bulk products.

Ideal to transport chilled and frozen products in the same vehicle. Available with castors or pallet frame for ease of handling.

Capacities from 68 litres to 1300 litres.


Many more models available. Please email our sales office if you have special requirements.

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