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MPD will shortly be launching their brand new


The store will add convenience and choice to our service to customers, as it will be updated daily with new quality products as and when they are sourced by the team.

The store will feature hot new products and full e-commerce mail order will be available.

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METALCARRELLI have introduced a new range of stylish restaurant furniture,





MPD's popular high quality beechwood cheese trolleys have acquired a classy marble top accessory.

Available in either 2 or 3 tier versions, the trolleys feature a transparent hinged dome, a sliding plate support as standard and are suitable for ambient display and table service.

The removable board in cream Botticino marble creates a cool display surface as well as complementing an elegant front of house finish.

Marble top cheese trolley prices start around £599 + VAT.

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A comprehensive new range of shoe shining machines is being launched by MPD.

The appliances are available in classic, budget and deluxe versions, with two, three or four brushes, standard timer and with and without polish dispenser.

Under a "Summer Deals" special offer the machines are up for grabs at generous discounts: the epoxy coated 3 brush model can be yours for £ 349 including delivery and a free can of polish. The offer applies to all orders received by 15th May 2004.

Machine prices start from £ 52 + VAT.

Check the special offers page for more information.


Need a sweet trolley, a cheese trolley, a wine and liqueur display trolley, an hors d'oeuvre trolley? Now you can have them all! In fact you can have some for free.

The top quality range available from MPD feature a sliding plate support as standard, and interchangeable modules are available to transform your trolley from lunch to evening service, including liqueur and wine display, sweet/cheese service and hors d'oeuvre dome tops.

Following a very successful launch with last year's special offers, MPD are offering their 2 or 3 tier beechwood range of trolleys with a free wine display module for top or bottom shelf - worth £ 191, till stocks last.

Prices start from £ 444. - see the special offers page or click on the picture for information on the trolleys .


If you think that the typical refrigerated display trolleys look a bit too clinical and utilitarian - and fancy something more elegant and worthy of front of house service, these attractive beechwood and stainless steel refrigerated trolleys are for you.

Suitable for chilled display or self service of beverages, desserts, salads, hors d'oeuvres or cold meats, they take Gastronorm containers or allow the display of dishes, bottles or fresh product arrangements.

MPD are offering each trolley with a choice of free stainless steel, polycarbonate or ceramic Gastronorms as well as 25% discount off list prices.

Prices around the £ 1200 mark.

For more information on sizes and specification click on the picture or see the special offers page.

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A totally new designer range of Dumb Waiters and versatile restaurant furniture is being launched by MPD.

You’ll be able to design your own combination from the fully modular range of components and accessories, available in an attractive cherry wood or a lacquered finish in the colour of your choice to match your decor.

For full details of sizes and components click on the picture.


Melform’s latest addition to the range of refrigerated and freezer containers can operate from 12 and 24 volts DC supply or 220 AC supply.

The containers come in convenient sizes from 32 litres up to 162 litres and have proved invaluable in the transportation of frozen and chilled laboratory samples, as well as lending a much needed hand in military field kitchens and temporary camps set up in unforgiving environments.

For more information and available sizes click on the picture.

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